Anyone knows where do download/torrent eurobeat songs? like the kind mickey/shinya use for their performances?

Try that

er after downloading the torrent… how do you open it or whatever?

You need to install uTorrent the program and run it in there. Then it downloads it, if there arn’t a lot of seeds and its a big file it will literally take days to download so leave your computer running over night.

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You want “Carameldansen”?

Whats that?

haha i’ve got that one already. got it off youtube. haha looking for Popteen by Domino. The one mickey uses in his 2004 worlds!

besides a music database would be useful if i were to ever perform/compete. haha dont really like to use those songs with lots of words (aka normal songs LOL).

carameldansen is the song used by shinya in worlds 09 and ap08

Dude if I ever performed it would be to The Safety Dance by Men Without Hats the extended version


I happened to see that on a list of the 100 worst songs ever. In company with Puttin’ on the Ritz by Taco and Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley…

Dude the song is the best and I don’t care about you opinion. So stick that in your juice box and suck it! lol jk

I got ALOT of my eurobeat stuff off of limewire. especially since you can look it up and only download single songs, you can do the same wth a torrent but its so much biger and not worth it unless you get a whole album or discography

for all my songs i go to because i have an mp3 player and it doesn’t run songs off of the apple store cause that gives it off in mp4 format.

and P.S. if you wan’t to get songs at dilan dau, their free. u just need to save them to a file or a flashdrive and then copy and paste to your desktop or mp3 or whatever.

hope it helps ;D

For some reason, I think this should be in the unrelated section even though it talks about Shinya and Mickey’s freestyle songs.

i honestly don’t know where i would put this. I would just keep it here untill it dies.