Eternal Throw Victory

So this is my first review in a long time. Please leave feedback about what I could do to make my reviews better. So lets just get to it. Eternal Throw is a company based out of the greater Seattle area. The company is run by a nice man by the name of J Free Hinton. The Victory is named after his daughter Victoria. But enough company history, most of you all reading this probably just wanted to see how the yoyo plays!

    When I got this yoyo it was at PNWR 2013 (If you live near Washington and have not been you must). When I tested it I knew I had to have it. I waited until the second day to pull the trigger  on it(thank god no one bought the mfd ano one. ITS MY PRECIOUS NOW). The yoyo stock is great. With the crucial bearing, monkey snot and the twisted stringz string with mini disks is how it came. It is smooth as silk. There is no vibe whatsoever. The finish is very soft which just feels amazing in the hand. For $90 you get a yoyo that could be priced at $125. What I am finding now is that the yoyo seems to shine the most with ultra lites. If you are on the fence about buying one,just do it. 

    The thing is solid like a tank. It can handle all speeds but really wants to be played at a moderate pace. My style is very exaggerated with movements with a lot of speed changes. Most of my tricks involve slack somewhere within them and this yoyo is perfect for it. The Victory kind of plays a bit like a Yoyofactory Supernova. Its a slower moving yoyo that can really do anything. The Supernova definitely doesn't come anywhere near as well but in terms of speed it does. The shape of the Victory is a rather wide shape that's mid sized and fits perfect in my hand. Now on to the finish. It aids with finger grinds very well. I've clocked in a couple 20 second finger grinds with this bad boy. Many would think that because they use the Chief-esque ring in the middle that it would make the yoyo floaty but it is quite the opposite. It just wants to go steadily and smash every man women and cat in its way. It goes in and out of chopsticks extremely easily, can play off axis without losing much spin and is simply fun to play with. It is by far my favorite yoyo. Buying it I was afraid that the soft blasted finish would lead to unwanted string snapping but I was thankfully not plagued with my fear.

Great review. Maybe try adding some pics?

Good review! 20 second finger grind is obviously an exaggeration, but the message is still: this thing is wicked for grinds.

That makes me feel alot better about saying that because I was afraid people would think I was serious haha