Eternal Throw Victory: A High Speed YoYo Review


Another day, another new company… the yo-yo industry feels a lot like the early days of the automobile industry where everybody was starting up a new shop in hopes of building the best version possible. Honestly, I love it. With all these different upstarts it keeps the industry from stagnating. We get to see all these different interpretations on the same basic idea.
The new company being focused on here is Eternal Throw. A startup based out of Seattle, WA. Their first release is the Victory. With a product name like that people could consider the company is coming out swinging the bat of cockiness saying their yo-yo wins over all others… and those people would be off track. The name is actually inspired by company owner Free Hinton’s daughter Victoria. Knowing that little bit of back-story I can’t help but love the name. As father myself, immortalizing your kid in something that is obviously your passion is always a cool way to go. Lets see if this lives up to his progeny’s good name.

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absolutely fantastic review. i have of these and i found your observations completely spot on. The only thing i do not agree with AT ALL is when you say that the victory is good for thumb grinds. i tried a thumb grind the first day of playing with it and… well it bit me. Thats what it felt like at least. The side effects and the IGR spun around my thumb making one of the most painful yoyo expiriences i have ever had ( besides the time i cut my eyebrow open with my 54, but thats another story). Grinds with you fingers i found to be less risky but sometimes it may do the same thing. Anyway i thought i would warn people of this dangerous feature. :slight_smile: Other than that, this is one of the best yoyos i have ever owned.


I’m really glad you’re loving the Victory! I love doing finger grinds which is why having a strong pronounced IGR was important to me as we designed the Victory. I always use my finger and don’t have any problems, but I can see how using your thumb could make it a bit tight. Guess it all depends on finger and thumb size. Joseph has enormous thumbs and some how he still grinds, I don’t think I could.

I also keep one setup with ultra lights so I have very easy access to the IGR. Spikes, and domes are good for that as well.


One thing I forgot to hit on in the review was how stable it was while balancing the Victory on my thumb using spike Side Effects. I think I spent half my play testing time using a black set of spikes with it.


I want a Victory. I guess I was a little late to the game since I can’t find the Seahawk colorway. I found the Purple People Eater on another website. I might splurge and grab that one. It looks like I probably won’t be able to do thumb grinds either, since I’m having a hard time doing them with a Grind Machine. Oh well that’s what I get for having big thumbs I guess :-[


New Seahawks are at the anodizer, we’ll try to get them restocked at YoYoExpert soon.