Erry day im shufflin

I love to Melbourne shuffle anyone else

Yes. Yes, yes yes. Yes.

I’m a beginner but I still love it! Only as long as it’s not the “LMFAO Shuffle”.

Is that the same as the real jerk shuffle??

Running man all day.

Are you kidding me, M.DeV1? There is so much more to the Melbourne shuffle than just running man.

OP, I do some shuffling (although not as much as some of my raver friends) and a lot of Hardstyle listening. One of these days I may actually put some work into learning either Brisbane Stomp or DnB Step.

Wasn’t referring to the Melbourne, just stating something that is somewhat related.

I don’t shuffle, though I think it’s cool. I can do some basic jumpstyle, though.

I had to do some Jumpstyle for a school project. It was cool

can someone post a video of shufflin and throwing? at the same timeeeee

challenge accepted

I LOVE to shuffle