Error in 888 page

lol -1 888’s in stock!

Yeah Andre, What;s with the -1 thing?

Happy Throwing! =]

I have seen this in other pages,what is it all about?

yea me to

Something must be wrong with the coding lol, i think someone bought it when there were 0 in stock, so 0-1= -1! Or two people bought at the same time when there was only 1.

Just a thought: i saw that and figured somebody Pre-ordered one

ya,I was kind of thinking the same thing

That -1 thing happened in like 6 other pages. I saw one that said -3

Ignore it and fixed. :wink:
Weird things happen sometimes…

Maybe there are ninja’s messing with the shop…

I swear it wasn’t me!

It was probably Kim-Lan ::slight_smile:

He who blames was to blame.