Ermagerhd!!!! Radicals=hate!

Im in seventh grade and im taking Algebra 1. I DO NOT GET THIS!!! Do you? Can u xplain it?

Dude algebra is awesome!


You don’t see how you took that 2 out of the numerator and it resulted in 1/3? I don’t know what’s confusing you.

Whats confused me was what to do next

But i figured it out! YAY! ;D

You should be careful how you write the expressions down. It looks like you pulled out that power of two without changing the coefficient of “y”, if it was 2 times (y to the 2/3’s) then pulling out that power of 2 would make it rad2 times (y to the 1/3). But if it was (2y) to the 2/3’s then what you did is ok.

How did you get 1/3?

That second step was wrong…

I have three college degrees in mathematics, if you send me a PM I can help you with this in detail.

Not sure why you write sideways but everyone has different learning styles so I guess I’ll roll with it.

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If I send you copies of my homework every night will you do them for me???

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algebra’s easy. just get the hang of it :smiley:

Yeah i get the laws now. But thanks liife. I might PM you another time