The "official" math thread

Just thought I’d post this kinda because I felt like it (duh!). Lol so it’s just a math thread… yeah

Why was the orange so fond of the anti derivative of 1dvitamin? Because it was rich in vitamin + C!

I don’t think that’s math but ok it’s fine with me

its spring break why do we need this? Also
If I have 2 apples and you have 3 apples how many pancakes are on the roof?

It’s a calculus joke.

zero… so what if it’s spring break for some people?

yeah i got it cause i’m in calculus lol but it’s still not math…
derivative of 2x^2 + 2x = ? Easy but i want to see who knows derivatives…

What? How?

It depends on what you’re deriving with respect to.

if he means with respect to Y, the answer is 0

oops… forgot about that… I’ve just gotten so used to just looking at some form of derivative and so on
try this again
y=2x^2 + 2x

Purple because aliens dont wear hats

you have to specify the independent variable. the answer could still be zero.

i think you know what i’m asking lol…

He’s obviously asking to take the derivative of y with respect to the only variable of which y is non-trivially a function of.

Jeez I thought it said the “official m*th thread”…

Anyways, I think this applies:

Why wont Goldilocks drink a glass of water with 8 pieces of ice in it? It’s too cubed.

Why don’t they serve beer at math events? You shouldn’t drink and derive.

Johnny has an apple. Beth has two. Based on this, how many does Jack have?

Meth isnt a censor worth word is it?

Yes… I do believe so

We don’t tolerate that kind of language here on YYE. Legyoyo, please take your potty mouth somewhere else.

I think 7, because I traded my 3 apples for 5 pineapples.