"Epic new ideas" Session

Plenty of new material, and much better editing.
and quite some cool ideas.
Thank you Ryan Gee, for inspiring me to break away from the norm.
and Josh Yee, for introducing me to Ryan Gee’s videos.


Awesome job! The string is much more visible, thanks to that lovely black sheet. :slight_smile:

Thankyou! and I know right?!

Suuuper improved editing, black sheet makes all the difference.

This gets JSoA*.

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This needs to be a thing now. xD


Wished I was as good as you. Black sheet definitely makes the string easier to see.

PS. Big Bang all day. VIP

Thankyou! Also.
Best Kpop group around. Period :slight_smile:


Nice job man!


Epic new ideas?


what? oh OH oops xD