Entire Contest Story.. UNEDITED!!!

Here is the entire story nearly completely unedited (doesn’t really make sense).
From the 1/22/2009 contest-

Once There Was A Boy Who Had…A green dark magic. this dark magic…has special and magical powers that could make the yoyo anti-physical and it could spin super super fast, but one day the green dark magic disappeared. So he fell down and hit his head, so he went to the hospital and found he wandered over to yoyojam and ordered a new yoyo to have more fun when this yoyo came he went to… to his house to yoyo in peace, but peace was very far away from his house for his dark magic was…spinning too fast for him and so WHEN SUDDENLY HIS NEW DARK MAGIC WAS Really a meteor that looked like a small green elephant spinning on a string. It went berserk, looping over his head this yoyo in descuise liked to eat… people but this was very dangerous because its big teeth were very very sharp It could gobble a monkey or a penguin in a blink of an eye. After eating to much, the meteor became VERY VERY SMALL AND DELICATE SO IT just rolled back up the string peacefully! where it ate a few fruit loops but it ate them as if it was the best thing it ever ate. It soon grew hungry again and so… afterward, he saw André Boulay, and then. He suddenly blacked out and found himself at a yo-yo contest. He brought his trusty monster yo-yo in his hands and was showing off crazy tricks. Even the world champion was there but just as he went to show him a trick his monster yo-yo started going crazy and before he could stop it… ate his brains and gained his knowledge. The yo-yo was now as intelligent as Albert Einstein, this yoyo made an amazing… circular pattern as the most famous yoyoer. The crazy yoyo cured cancer and then it slowly turned to a dark magic then into a rainbow colored legacy that caused a black hole to be created The dark hole sucked up all the things closest to it and began to make everything go wrong within the atmosphere and cause all fruit loops in existence … to explode immediatally and enter the yo-yo cap which then created another dark magic which couldnt hold them all and then… vanished into thin air. There were no yoyos left and the contest was over which left pandemonium and chaos among humans especially yo-yoers and the yo-yoers then threw that died and got owned by them the yoyo won the world yoyo contest which made everyone like spin tops and… so then he threw a party so and got a dark magic special edition which was awesome in string tricks and it was normal and would pllay great but there wasnt enough for everyone. So from andre’s new collection of yoyos from it, made more yoyos and so then the yoyoer committed suicide because the frootloops were… all gone and were left in ruins and are now a monument to the and flew away into another yoyoers pocket so the yoyo made froot loops and.

There you go… hope you like it!!!

if it ended at "now a monument to the " I would finish with (and tried to(but got shut out))
Great green dark magic that destroyed all the fruit loops and changed yoyo history.
This should be sold as a book on the site!!!

I have a feeling I would get returns on that item… ???

very weird story.

We should post it as News!

weirdest story ive read ???

fruit loops wats up with that

IDC, I would buy it, haha :wink:

I came across them in a book I was reading last night and realized they were spelled Froot Loops. It’s a cereal or was a cereal. Are they still around?

um bit odd. didn’t really get the story.

That has to be the most touching story ive ever heard…
i almost … cried :’(