EnilLord is awesome

Dealing with an international sale can be a little unnerving. Shipping can take some time and its hard to be sure you can trust someone on the other side of the planet. No worries with EnilLord! Bought a peak from him at a VERY reasonable price. Almost too reasonable. But, it was a peak and we all get a little crazy for those. He wanted me to pay first. He didn’t have much feedback, but neither do I (around these parts) so I thought, what the heck. Never had to dispute a PayPal payment. It might be fun! So I sent the money and waited. About a week later, very fast from Poland, a peak showed up. Kudos to this guy and his awesome sellerness. His English isn’t the best but don’t let that get to you. Oh and p.s. he has one more peak he’s looking to sell.

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Always nice to about good transactions.

I’d like to add that I had a terrible time dealing with EnilLord. He approached me with an offer for a Peak. He would take 2-4 days to respond to any messages. When he finally did get back to me, he informed me that he already sold it.

That actually happened twice, unfortunately. After missing out on that Peak, he told me that he would point me in the direction of another one. I barely heard from him until I got a message telling me that it got sold during the time I was waiting for him to respond. I’d like to emphasize that it took 2-4 days to get any kind of response, and when I did get a response it was usually just him saying he would do something, which of course he never did.

I didn’t actually buy anything or trade with him, but this experience alone is enough for me to stay away from EnilLord.