Engines anyone?

Ok… I’m starting my new obsession of engines. Anyone worked on engines much? I have a few pieces of lawncare equipment to work on. Ordered a pacman screwdriver to tune the carburetor of a Troy Built weed eater and I got a replacement primer bulb for a Husqvarna 125b leaf blower. The small amount of work I do on engines will probably be lawncare equipment for now. This thread isn’t just for small engines.


I have built 7 car engines

4 Honda motors
3 Toyota’s


Whoa. How difficult is it to build an engine?

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With the right tools not bad, you have to check all your clearances (that is key) and make sure everything is TQ’D to spec


I’m getting the parts to repair a leaf blower today. Super excited. Praying I don’t ruin it. :joy:


Tinkering/repairing/maintaining engines can be rewarding. Have fun and good luck!


Good tools are a must! Watch lots of videos ask lots of questions. We will help best we can. Building is a fun and rewarding hobby (stupid expensive)

Built many Jeeps, trucks, Harleys, Rice Rockets, Pocket Rockets, Tuners…haven’t built a drift yet (Kind of want to)

You will have lots of fun!!!


Ever worked on a Ford Ranger? I am super excited to repair my equipment.

Where’s the best place to buy parts for a 2 cycle engine? I bought a carb tune up kit for a leaf blower and it was supposed to come with a thin fuel line and a thick fuel line and it only came with the thick one.