Endure (HD)


Vimeo plus will come someday…

This is a techy trick I came up with quite some time ago, but I like it a lot so it’s never left me.

It’s a long one, so if you want to learn it, prepare yourself.


Please share your thoughts.


wow!how do you create these nice tricks?i think this one is better than your organized trick…Keep it up!!

Really nice trick! I like the name :smiley:

Sweet poppin’ there, man. I liked this trick so much that I learned it right away.

If you analyze this trick while learning, you’ll notice how logical follow-ups all the moves are. That’s how you also create your tricks: make a move, continue it with something that would seem reasonable to do, repeat, repeat etc. But don’t make things too difficult, though.

TheOrganizer- Awesome video and great tutorial! The quality was amazing! Were you using a Grind Machine 2?


Here are my steps to create any trick.

  1. Do something you know.
  2. Screw it up.
  3. Repeat.

Man. Your tricks just keep comming left and right! Nice! :o

Learned 4/5ths of it… I can’t ENDURE this trick…

wow i’m gonna try and learn that tomorrow very nice trick, looks like a lot of fun to do
nice tut you’ve made me thirsty for more haha

You said it. You’ll need a LONG sleeper for this one. :stuck_out_tongue:
And that’s why its name is so great… :smiley: