Emojis aren't always accurate

({John15}) #1

Some emojis get changed to slightly inaccurate/ irrelevant versions after posting.

Like this one :roll_eyes:

On my device, this looks like a sarcastic grin while looking off to the side (as to say “I see what you did there”) as seen here:


And after it is posted, it changes to a more not-amused expression with a non-smile and looking upward (as if to say “oh brother”)

Other emojis get changed too. Not the end of the world, but it’s a small gripe I have.


Most of the common emojis have there own standardised code that lets them be translated between different devices like Android and iOS. They’ll end up looking a bit different depending what device or website you’re using.

Only learnt about this the other day while binge watching Linus videos, lol.

(André Boulay) #3

What device are you actually using when you see them incorrectly after?


It’s set to use the Apple emojis here. Browse the differences at


(ChrisFrancz) #5

I feel that we should use actual words as often as possible because words serve us accurately and are less easily misinterpreted. Emojois are cute when tacked onto the end of a clearly articulated thought but emojois shouldn’t be used in the place of words in order to save time.

({John15}) #6

I’m normally using my s7edge.

({John15}) #7

I’m tracking with you on this, but I would argue that words are easily misinterpreted without proper context. Sometimes it is really difficult to articulate emotion with written words.

(ChrisFrancz) #8

I guess it all depends on what the situation is. An emoji would definitely be an easier way to break up with someone but to truly give encouragement to a friend or a family words would be the way to go. If a friend texts you about how he slipped on a banana peel, a :joy: would work.

(ClockMonsterLA) #9

:roll_eyes: <-- This emoji is encoded as “roll eyes” which is what it looks like to me, and definitely should convey that “Oh, brother.” connotation, IMO.

But I do agree that many emojis don’t really capture their intended “message”.

({John15}) #10

Yea, but to me that face looks much different from this face that is standard on my Android device:

To me, the one in the picture looks more like a sarcastic and playful expression. But when it translates to Apple, it looks like this:
Which looks less playful and slightly annoyed.
To me, they’re very different expressions being conveyed.

Again, this isn’t the end of the world, it’s just kind of weird.

(ClockMonsterLA) #11

What I find odd is that the Android version of the “roll eyes” emoji fails to convey the exasperated/annoyed nature of, well, rolling one’s eyes (in response to something). The Apple emoji is how I see it on my PC as well, which sorta says to me that it is the Android OS developers who don’t seem to know what rolling one’s eyes is supposed to look like. It certainly isn’t an emoji I ever thought was subject to wide interpretation.



({John15}) #13

Honestly, on Android, emojis aren’t named. So it never occurred to me that this emoji was supposed to be an eye roll. I’ve always just seen it as a depiction of playful sarcasm.

(ClockMonsterLA) #14

Ah yes, a perfectly valid point!

(André Boulay) #15

Yeah… I tend to find the Apple emoji are the easiest to understand and not mistake hence why I chose those as default on the forum - but it does seem some devices (android) will replace - but out of the control of the forum itself unfortunately! :rocket:

(ChrisFrancz) #16

Let’s all brush up on our vocabulary so we have the words we need to express ourselves and don’t have to choose cartoons to do the job for us.


I’m pretty sure it’s common knowledge it’s easy to misinterpret a persons intention or meaning when reading something over text. I personally find emojis to be almost a necessity sometimes when you’re not talking in person and are unable to see the persons demeanor/facial expressions/etc :man_shrugging: Vocabulary’s not really the issue, it’s lack of the ability to use tone of voice over text


Hmm, can you identify in the emoji list which one that is?

I agree it is not :roll_eyes:

but which one is it?

What version of Android is your phone? Have you updated it to latest? My current theory is that your OS has an older and slightly incorrect version of the roll eyes emoji that they fixed in newer releases. This does happen!

({John15}) #19

It’s right there in 39

It’s possible that my operating system is outdated, I have an S7 Edge and it rocks. I like it so much that I haven’t wanted to upgrade. Maybe I could try to update my operating system and see if that fixes the problem. But I like this emoji so much! It’s one of my favorites!


I would strongly recommend updating your OS.

Looks like the S7 Edge should be able to go to android 8 (Oreo) per this https://www.androidauthority.com/samsung-galaxy-s7-edge-update-783942/