Emojis aren't always accurate

({John15}) #21

All right, I have it set to update overnight. Code, you’re like my dad. Thanks Dad


Also be sure to wear clean underpants every day!!!

({John15}) #23

Gosh, what would I do without you!? I’d be a hot mess, that’s what! :wink:

(Chris Francz) #24

You make a good point. I think we are ALL hitting on good points. Outside of a face-to-face conversation where body language, facial expressions and the spoken word work in tandem to effectively communicate our thoughts / intentions, misinterpretation of our words is always possible so if an an emoji helps you be clear…go for it. Now I’m gonna look at photos of yoyos that were posted today! :blush:

(Mark) #25

If anyone else likes looking at every version of the roll-eyes emoji, including historical ones, here you go:

smileypants’ weird rolleyes is from touchwiz 6.0-7.1 under Samsung.

I think the early android blobmoji are still my favorite.


How are you liking that sweeeet new OS update @smileypants707

People should try to stay updated on their devices as a general rule, there are a lot of security exploits on older Android OS releases…

Your Dad :kissing_heart:

({John15}) #27

I don’t think it worked, nothing happened. I’m going to go try to get it set up again