Embarrassing stories

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So a long time ago I was at a summer camp. It was getting late so we were sent to our cabins; mind you the cabins weren’t very large. So we all get in bed and say goodnight to each other. All of a sudden I feel this massive fart brewing. And I mean massive massive(Must of been the bean burritos they fed us the previous night). Any way, I let er rip. In about 30seconds the fumes have successfully engulfed the entire cabin. I could then hear all the kids saying “yuck” or “nasty, who did that?” I also heard this heavily asthmatic kid start coughing uncontrollably. Then he started saying he could hardly breathe. The counselor got up and checked on him, took him to the nurse, and in the morning he wasn’t there.
Turns out they had to take him to the hospital

I felt so bad


i was skiing at white pass and my brother was there but i couldnt find him. i then see a guy with a gree northface jacket just like my brothers. i then go hopping over to him(it was up hill) yelling TREVOR TREVOR TREVOR and i wipe out right in front of him, i wonder why isnt he laughing? thats so unlike him. i then realized it wasnt my brother.

I died… yah… that was pretty embarissing…

So I went to this summer camp once. Turns out that we had to share cabins with a ton of other people, and the cabins were way too small. Everyone was saying good night to each other and getting in bed and then all of a sudden some guy rips a giant one. Turns out he has some kind of special magic gas that makes my asthma flare up. I started coughing like crazy and I couldn’t breath. The nurse had to take me to the hospital. I didn’t come back.

Most embarrassing moment of my life.

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Here’s my embarrassing take on something yoyo related:

Last Sunday I went a nearby park with my girlfriend to do a bit of offstring yoyoing with my brand spanking new equinox as I needed the space.
I didn’t know the yoyo bounces quite a bit when I miss so off it went and crossed path with a female roller-blader, who tried to avoid it and crashed onto a male cyclist. Both of them were pretty pissed off at me when I came by to pick up my equinox.
I apologized and explained to them the style of offstring and why the yoyo is not connected to the string. They told me that this style of yoyoing is very dangerous and should not be played in a public place.
I expressed my disagreeing view by demonstrating a basic forward pass mount and a bit of boingy boingy to impress them but…
in my enthusiasm, I missed catching the yoyo after the forward pass mount and it went smack right into my girlfriend’s face. She suffered a nose bleed and shouted at me,“you freakin piece of shit,you hit me!!!”. All this time the rollerblader and the cyclist kept laughing and all the bystanders were staring too.
I never felt so embarrassed in my whole entire life! Maybe offstrings and me are not meant to be, sigh.
It’s been one week and my gf still won’t speak to me. Oh well.