Eiffel tower vs cross armed pac man?


Okay, so I just made a truck where I usually end in an Eiffel tower, but I wad messing around in that “mount” thing and got myself in a cross armed Pac man (NOM NOM NOM) so which should I end my trick with? A simple Eiffel tower, or a cross armed Pac man? Thanks.

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I’d have to see them to judge them.


I just had the most outrageous idea…



That happened to me. I made a trick where you go into a Houdini and then a kamikaze mount. Then you pop and cross your arms. I experimented with a few things, and settled on it will do sort of a Mach five and drop it into a trapeze. Personally, I think you should use the cross arm pacman. It would be a real crowd pleaser and it would be pretty funny if you work in a pac man into any trick :wink:


im a big fan of the pacman. go for the pacman.