Tower... or Tower?

So I am training for theMWR ladder, and I learned the Eiffel Tower here, but it is different on the AYYA site, so is there a difference if I do the one tought here to the one at AYYA.

The onme at AYYA has your arms crossed while Andre’s doesn’t. And how do you do the cross-armed one?

Same exact trick.

The AYYA calls it tower, Andre calls it Eiffel Tower.

He didn’t mean the name.

From what I know, it usually doesn’t matter what variation you do. Same thing goes for Rock the Baby.

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I agree. Just do the way that you feel most confortable with.

As long as you do some form of the trick, they will accept it. It’s kind of like being left handed as opposed to right handed. They’re all the same tricks, just in a different forms.

I believe its Eiffel Tower. ;D