need some help naming this trick.

A while ago I was messing around with a move that I think I made up and I got this.
I am pretty sure that I made up this trick. The way to do it not the Eiffel part of it.
I think that it is cool.
So anyways, I can’t think of a name for this trick.
I know that a lot of tricks are nameless but this needs a better name than “Eiffel tower thingy” and other such things.
just give out what you think this should be named.

quarterback tower

twisty tower


Your guy’s names suck :stuck_out_tongue:

Hidden Tower

how about


the laser rifle XC3r00z bager blaster 2 : thats what i would call it

Leaning Tower, cuz the tower is leaning right there!! lol

Happy Throwing! =]

the leaning tower ‘‘Eiffiel’’

Okay, I like some of the ideas that are here.
also Samad, do you have a serious answer?
and Logan I would prefer to not have that type of thing on this topic.
I think that it is a funny entry type thing.
also, any other ideas anyone?



Twix Tower.
(I’m eating a Twix ;))
(But I think it could be a good name)

hmm, I like the way that sounds actually.
but I will wait for some other names before I decide.

Since iwasawa named his tower iwasawa tower, name yours after you

wait i got it the

quarterback twisty sduigh hidden sidea laser rifle leaning “eiffiel” twix tower

yaaaaaaa now we are all happy

i lika that one

I don’t think that David tower or Sneed tower would be the same…

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oh ok :slight_smile:

Twinkee Tower

Addment: I would call it Tower Addment.

The Leaning Tower of Eiffel

Dandruff Tower. ::slight_smile: