EH 2013

So is anyone getting one? I was thinking about it, but when I saw that it was $50 I thought “no way!” Plus, I’ve already ordered a No-Jive Optic Star, and those ship May first. Anyways, is anyone else interested in the EH?

Well…because it has sharper engraving, is heavier than the last, and marked with 2013 to differentiate from the prior run, it was worth it to me for collection purposes. I snagged one.

Just ordered one, myself. Did I miss them saying they were releasing this, caught me by surprise.

It was on yoyonews, the Fixed Axle Friday part.  It announced on there that it would be available on YYE today.

How many of these were in the first run?  When I bought from the current run, it said 50 in stock. I wonder if I was the first buyer.


I was looking at the page when the count-down ended, it said there were 63 in stock.

I think the inititial run was 40… This run was 80… Do not quote me on that though… Just what I think…

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I copped one. Pretty excited.

Box of mostly wood on the way to me. EH, Fremont, Irving Pro, and a solid red Classic just to mix it up. Oh, and a 100-count of YYE Type 10 100% cotton string.

theroybit and I are gonna go through this string pretty fast!

I almost never buy yoyos anymore for obvious reasons, but I picked this up.

I missed out the first time around so I’m pretty happy I got one this time.

I have two of the old version, two of the new version. I weighed them all on a calibrated scale, with no string…curious what the difference would be. The new version is advertised to be more dense wood, heavier, and darker engraving.

Original version #1, weighed 48.30g
Original version #2, weighed 49.26g

2013 version #1, weighed 52.35
2013 version #2, weighed 53.60

So, the spectrum of them are 48.30 to 53.60. Also, if you look at the photos of them stacked…the two on the bottom look different than the two on the top. I guess it’s the “dense wood” thing.
Ehstack5 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr
Ehstack4 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

One of my new Ehs has a hole in it…it is the one that weighs less too :smiley: Guess the hole made it light. Wood is interesting that way.
Ehv2b by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

I hear the next run has a bearing and is made of plastic :wink:


What?! A SPYY plastic?! I really hope this is true! ;D

You obviously didn’t get the joke…

Oh, it’s a joke? Yeah, I don’t get it.

People were saying how much better the new run is, so yyfben said the new ones have bearings and are plastic. Kind of defeats the purpose of having a fixed axle wood yoyo.

I want one but don’t have the money:/ my grandpas just going to make me a couple wood throws on his lathe this weekend :slight_smile: hopefully I can get money for this in the future!

A comparison of the first run gap, and second run gap for Jrod:
ehyyecb by The TotalArtist, on Flickr
Ehv2b by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

The second run seems slightly tapered in the gap, compared to the first. The difference in that was advertised as well…forgot about that.