"Edition Yoyo" Meet! Berkeley, CA

Hey YYE folks :slight_smile: Recently a couple friends and I have thought about getting together for a yoyo club/meet in Berkeley, CA. Usually we meet at SpinDox but thought it would be cool have another meet for those of us who wanted to get together more often or couldn’t always make the SpinDox meetups.

The goal is to meet every second week of the month at 2pm-5pm in Berkeley, CA by the Upper Sproul Gate/Plaza (throwback to one of the old SpinDox meeting areas). Hope to see some of you join us on August 14th, all skill levels welcome and bring a trick to share :slight_smile:


A reminder that this is coming up :slight_smile:


Since @Gentry_Stein was in the area Yesterday did he show up?

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He was not at the meet, but it was still great fun with everyone else that was there :slight_smile:

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Will there be another meet coming up? I just got up to Berkeley because the semester just started so I missed the first one, but I wanna meet the local yoyo people~!

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Yes! Sorry I totally got swamped with college as well. Lets shoot for next Saturday, September 11th, same time 2-5pm :slight_smile: Feel free to ping me on @editionyoyo on insta if you need to get a hold of me quicker

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AH! NICE NICE NICE!!! I should (probably) be able to make it!

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Just a general reminder! Tomorrow we are meeting at the same place, same time. Last meet we ended up migrating toward the tree on the right side of Upper Sproul so that is where we will be for now. If you have any issues finding the group tomorrow PLEASE pm me on instagram “@editionyoyo” so that I can help you find us.

2-5pm, see you there!


Some footage from the meet: