Edge wedge what?

Sorry but always if if I hear something about edges I’m getting confused mabey someone can make a list with all different edges and tell me what’s the difference between them :grin:

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This could be a novel…


Edge - bimetal yoyo

Edge 1.5 - slightly heavier than the edge

Koolau edge - monometal edge

Wedge - Plastic version of the edge, polycarbonate and delrin

Poly edge - hybrid version of the edge (polycarbonate body and stainless steel rims)

Edge Beyond - an extreme iteration of the edge with super huge rims

Edge Infinity - an updated, supposedly better playing and more comfortable version of the edge beyond

66% Edge Beyond - a mini version of the Edge Beyond

Monster Edge - a superwide version of the monometal Koolau edge

Edge Ultimatum - an updated version of the monster edge

Edgeless - an organic version of the monometal Koolau edge that has no edges


There is also the derline wedge

And the 66%

And edgless. colab.


Plus the monster edge and edge ultimatum


How could i forget! Good call!


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It probably already is

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Okay anyone has a opinion on wich he likes best

I’m probably in the minority, but:
Ko’olau Edge and Delrin Wedge are my favorites.

What’s the Delrin exactly? Is it out of a special material?

And why do you like it?

The Delrin Wedge is made out Delrin plastic, also called POM, instead of the polycarbonate the more recent Wedges are made out of.

I like Delrin better for two main reasons:

  1. It just has a “warmer” and “softer” feel to it than polycarb. It’s hard to describe without having them side-by-side.
  2. Delrin is more typically machined than polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is usually (I think) injection molded (though not always). It could just be psycho-somatic, but the machined seems to have better tolerances and more consistent quality than injection molding. I could be off on that, though, and it could all be in my head.

As far as the Ko’olau Edge, that’s a little harder for me to define. I’ve thrown the Monster Edge, Edge Ultimatum, and Delrin Wedge, and out of all of them, I just connected better with the Ko’olau. The specs just feel better to me in hand and on the string. It probably doesn’t hurt that I have the Hyperrr Edge edition, and I love that colourway.


Ah ! thanks so the delrin is a i would say more high end plastic better produced. Am I right or am I missing something if yes tell me please


I don’t know if I’d say it exactly like that. There’s so much that goes into the design, manufacturing, and quality control that it’s hard to make a blanket statement like that.

There are also machined polycarbonate yoyos, like the Speedaholic XX, that are fantastic, and have a lot of the same positive attributes as machined delrin yoyos.

I think the decision to go either machined or injection molded has more to do with it, and it just happens that delrin is more often machined than polycarbonate is.

It’s also a personal preference. Just like some people prefer laminate wood and others prefer solid wood. Both have pros and cons, and some people just like one over the other for both tangible and intangible reasons.


Wow thanks for your opinion. I would be grateful to here the pros and cons on the other ones too :grin:

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Delrin is a very soft plastic and thats why it can’t be molded and must be machined. ( i believe it can’t be molded but i could be wrong) Unfortunately because its so soft, hitting the ground can take a pretty big chuck out of the yoyo. That being said, I enjoy the delrin wedge far more than the poly version. It has a float to it that makes it extremely fun.