Edge Glow protostar

whats the difference between an edge glow and any normal prototar?

I’d say the edge glows

I believe Edge Glow is a Colorway of the Protostar. It is a Yellowish-Green.

Corect me if I am wrong.

-Newbies United

It doesn’t glow, if that’s what you were led to beleive.

It is more sort after because the colour way ( the colour of the yoyo) looks freaking awesome. This is the only difference.

the difference is in the light it’s edges look like they are glowing. I have one and it’s freaking amazing

so… do you have to buy a edge glow one or do you have to get lucky?

Actually Edgeglow glows under black light. Trufax. Try it.

when you are purchasing a protostar you can select what colour you want. The edge glow versions usually go fast.

Do you have to pay any extra ???

No, all Protostars cost exactly the same.

So they don’t sell them on this site? (last question)

They do, they are just a yellow ProtoStar. I don’t know why everyone calls them an edge glow ProtoStar.

Thats the name! Facepalm.

oh ok … then i already have one :slight_smile: