EDC travel case / bag- what are you using?

The backpack I use for work has a small compartment that’s lined with microfleece or something really soft (maybe intended for glasses). I keep a YYF Whip and an inexpensive mono-metal unresponsive yo-yo in it.


I love the MonkeyfingeR yoyo travel case.


This is a custom portable yoyo holder that I 3d printed out of transparent red PLA. It opens and closes like a clamshell and does a good job at covering the yoyo from all angles. If I were to drop it I think the pivot would pop out but all in all, it still protects the yoyo and that’s all I need. Might try to resin 3d print it when I get the chance.


Is it just me or does this look like the wax wrapper for Babybel cheese?


this look like exactly what I could use and looking for! where did you get this?

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You get them directly from MonkeyfingeR.