Echo 2?

I a post on duncan’s instagram and they said that they had a new throw coming out and everyone was saying it was an echo 2. It kind of looks like one too. Has anyone heard any roomers that about a second echo or a new duncan?

Yeah it’s an Echo 2, their facebook page had a picture of it and the Echo is the only throw they made with those grooves.

Nice! I will have to be picking one up when it comes out.


Go to Duncan’s facebook page. I really can’t wait to pick one of these up, and a metal freehand zero.

Yeah, on Instagram they said:

“Hmmmm what could this new Duncan Yo-Yo be? Clue: Some say the sequel is never better than the first, but we disagree with this model…model…model.”

So yeah, the echo at the end is a hint that you are correct. :smiley:

Im a big fan of the original Echo so im pumped for the new one ! ;D

I loved the original Echo, but I traded it off for a MayheM, so it wasn’t a bad deal at all. I really can’t wait for all these new Duncan throws coming out.

I love to see how Duncan seems to really be trying to step up their game over all. I’m excited for this throw. I have the original Echo, and it’s a pretty fun throw. Can’t wait to see to how this one compares.