Easy Wrist Mount stuff...

Here’s some easy stuff to do from a Wrist Mount…  Enjoy!

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Nice stuff man :smiley:

sweet, what yoyo is that?

Thanks guys! The yoyo is some Aoda I picked up for $10.

Awesome man thanks!!

Nice work, time to get started on the last 2. Me like…

Cool! The last one is really easy, figured it out while trying to learn Illuminati. Not sure if it’s the same or not, but the closest I could get.

Wow. Thanks so much for that! The “gondola” type trick (fifth or sixth I think) is first of many of these that I want to learn. Great job. Really.

Thanks vegabomb! They’re all pretty simple, as long as you can get into a Wrist Mount and do a Classic Dismount, it should be a piece of cake.