Easy tricks that look complex

What do you guys think are some easy tricks that look harder or more complex than they are? What comes to mind is matrix and skin the gerbil. What else?

Walk the dog

Ann Connally magic trick.

hour glass for sure.

Eiffel towers

I second this :slight_smile:

If you like magic trick, you should check out Triple Magic. Very fun trick.

Zach Gormley’s rotating GT ::slight_smile:

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love the way this trick looks. Found my next trick


got almost all of this down. Just stuck on the slack part where the yoyo catches it before the GT. can’t figure out what to do. Roll the yoyo inside or out? Do I have the yoyo reject? Release string after roll over before you hop it onto the string? I did it once but can’t seem to figure it out.

release string when the yoyo approaches the top of the 2nd cycle

do kinda reject the string so the string hangs back down?