East Coast Masters

(Tyler) #1

Anyone else from the forums planning to attend ECM in Pittsburgh this weekend? Just talked my old lady into going, would be cool to meet some of y’all

(Jacob Waugh) #2

I am going, and competing, yeah that would be cool! maybe Monthly Throw booth at around 11?

(Patrick Dressel) #3

I would’ve went but the girlfriend and I are going to see Jeff dunham instead. Have a good time guys!

(Jacob Waugh) #4

Nooo come to us.

(Tyler) #5

I may not make it there quite by then. It’s about a 5 hour drive and I work night shift the night before, aiming for noon right now.
Maybe around 1 instead of 11?

(Jacob Waugh) #6

Okey doke, gonna try, don’t know if i’m going to Primanti’s for lunch though, if you click my profile you can see a few links to where you can see what I look like, that would make it a tad easier lol.


Oh man im jelly! Jake Might Have Some 1 of 1 Lifes for sale :sob:, Enjoy it! Update me on how it goes! Never been to a Competition before

(Tyler) #8

I’ll be honest, most of what convinced my lady to go was Primanti Bros, I’m sure we’ll be eating there a couple times before we leave lol.
I’ll have my camera, want to shoot a bunch of trick circles and put together a cool video

(Unspoken Project) #9

We will be there, stop by our table to say hello and try out our yoyos—can’t wait!

(Jacob Waugh) #10

Yay! Cya there.


Someone try to get some info on the new Markmont yoyo, Mark said he may be bringing it along for people to try :smiley:

(Jim Honaker) #12

Agreed, please someone get the deets on this one. I would if I were able to make it.

(Jacob Waugh) #13

@Jhonaker @AaronW
Will do! Don’t know much about organic shaped yo-yos though.

(Jacob Waugh) #14

I’m in a Columbus yo-yo shirt and jeans btw

(Thomas Bellotti) #15

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, got a Steelers tattoo on my shoulder, but I have to say it…

Primantis is decent…at best