easiest CAD program?

basically what is stated in the topic, does anyone know of a simplistic CAD program maybe even with a tutorial for use of the program?
price or size of the program doesnt really matter,its just alot of what i have tried to use i couldnt ever fully understand what to do when i wanted to do the inner mechanics of a throw i was designing,it got too complicated for my brain X_X,if anyone knows of what could be easier for me,just let me know guy,Thank you. and if anything does anyone out there work well with CAD programs that could maybe even help me out abit, that would be awesome as well.

Thank you guys. ;D ;D

tinkercad is really easy and is enough to do some yoyo and there is some interactive tutorial on the site

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Inventor is easy, capable and a lot of fun

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ty guys very much, i appreciate it :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

sorry JHB didnt really think about where to post this,just posted it XD,this would be the appropriate forum,mah bad sir ;D ;D

eMachineShop is super easy if you want to draw up yoyos, nut otherwise I think Inventor is better

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