CAD Program similar to Emachineshop

So within the last couple months I’ve been messing around with some CAD design using Emachineshop. I’m a broke college student buying an expensive software isn’t really in my mind. I know Emachineshop is basic and isn’t the best out there but I think its pretty good. The question I’m wondering is, Is there any other free or extremely cheap CAD software that is similar to Emachineshop’s simplicity? I’m not a computer guru so many of these CAD programs are super advanced for me.

Also If you guys have any tips on how to design a better design that would be appreciated too. (ex. Wall thicknesses)

Thanks for any help guys :slight_smile:

I used cadstd to do the job, it’s the easiest cad that is free so far, at least for me. Try that one, the basic program is free but it’s enough to design a yoyo (I did this before to confirm), or you can upgrade to pro with additional features, pretty cheap I think.

Autodesk has a free student version of their software

Is it free or is it just a trial?