E1NS '09,Ego,Ministar,Katz Meow,888s,Stryker,FHZs,Agape,Del Toro, Mods,MORE!


[center][b]Not looking for a lot in the way of trades. Mostly interested in a Worlds or Works colorway Skywalker or mint Bape / Eetsit.

ILYY E1NS 09. Candyblasted. Mint. Amazing yoyo. Hate to see it go, but rarely play it (as indicated by the stock Red Hot sILYYcone!). Comes with a very hard to find (in this size) Dif E Yo KK! $100.

Bio Industries Ego. Mint condition. Not sure why it has two different numbers (06 on one side and 20 on the other). My guess is that someone mixed them up to make this green / blue colorway. Mint condition. Plays great. $60

General Yo Ministar. Bead blasted purple and black. Mint condition. Played very little. General Yo smooth! $75

Katz Meow. Very underrated yoyo. Nice playing yoyo with D size bearing. $45

SPYY Stryker. Great little yoyo. Mint condition. Comes with KK bearing. $85

Black YYF 888x. Very smooth. Comes with black/blue Ricestacks. $75

YYF 888 Team Edition. Ano marks around the rims. There is only one mark you can feel. Comes with Ricestacks shown. $65

Bead blasted large bearing SPR’ed Omnicron. Light vibe. Bought it from Landon with no response and recessed a Crucial SPR in. $55

Red bead blasted Chico Yoyo Company Del Toro. Red. Mint condition. $65

IKYY Agape. Polished. Mint condition. $75

Jason Lee 888. Large bearing. 1 or only 72 made. Butter smooth! Will include the translucent blue stacks or some translucent blue Ricestacks. $135. Has a couple of marks on the rims.

Modfather’ed glitter FHZ. Half red, half blue. Light damage around the recess area. $15

One Drop Dingo. This was out of a Modder Fodder kit. I turned it into a small bearing with silicone recess. Spiked. One of a kind and SUPER smooth. $45

Werrd Rozzor. Very smooth. Comes with a grooved bearing. $60

YYF 44. It is a B Grade purchased at Worlds 2009. The only reason it is B Grade is that the engraving was done in the wrong place. Butter smooth. $55

Duncan Flying Panda. Recessed so the pads fit flush. $20