FS Only! Rare metals, mods and much more! New stuff posted!

Not looking to trade, only sell. You can reach me on the forum, but email is faster for me. ricerocket00@gmail.com . Add $5 for shipping whether you buy 1 or everything!

Hubstacked DNS! To my knowledge, this is the only one of these around. I modded this one myself a while back, basically because of the name. To those not familiar with this yoyo, Kyo made this yoyo and called it DNS, for “Do Not Stack”. Of course as soon as I got ahold of one, I stacked it! Comes with the Ricestacks shows in the pictures. $80

Katz Meow. Very underrated yoyo. Nice playing yoyo with D size bearing. $45

Bead blasted large bearing SPR’ed Omnicron. Light vibe. Bought it from Landon with no response and recessed a Crucial SPR in. $50

IKYY Agape. Polished. Mint condition. $65

YYF 44. It is a B Grade purchased at Worlds 2009. The only reason it is B Grade is that the engraving was done in the wrong place. Butter smooth. $45

“Augalicious” Orange Limited Edition 888. According to YoYoWiki there were 40 of these made. Mint and smooth. Make an offer over $100.

Yuuki Quake 888. Smooth. No dings. Ano is showing some signs of wear that you can see in the pictures. Another rare 888! $80

Anti-Yo Bape. I had big plans for this one! I had planned on hubstacking it, but never got around to it. It is in good condition for what it is. The ano is worn in a couple of spots on the edges, and there is a small ding on the blue side, and a couple of spots that you can feel on the green side. Its gonna take a heck of an offer to get this one off my hands, but I thought I’d put it up here and see if there’s interest!

Buzz-On Menehune, BAC Edition, Dated May 1, 2004. This one was custom dyed by Dave Bazan himself of Buzz-On. Large bearing. $35.

Ricerocket Modded FHZ. Did this one for myself. Small bearing KK, Schmoove rings, Silicone recessed and weight rings. Sweet player! $50

44 Clash 2010 Commemorative yoyo. Large bearing. Fun little yoyo. $45.

Ricerocket Mods FHZ. This one started out as a clear FHZ. I splatter painted it red and black. Made custom bearing seats so that it would be large bearing. Silicone recessed. Steve Brown Broken Hearts side caps. The best part? The side caps are ‘spinners’! $75

Here is a video of another one that I did a while back:

“Alexander the Grape” Magenta Limited Edition 888. According to YoYoWiki there were about 26 of these made. Mint and smooth, just like you’d expect. Comes with custom Ricestacks shown in the pictures. Make an offer over $100.SOLD! to oops

Bio Industries Ego. Mint condition. Not sure why it has two different numbers (06 on one side and 20 on the other). My guess is that someone mixed them up to make this green / blue colorway. Mint condition. Plays great. $50 SOLD! to Mikepersson

Jason Lee 888. Large bearing. 1 or only 72 made. Butter smooth! Will include the translucent blue stacks or some translucent blue Ricestacks. $100. Has a couple of marks on the rims. SOLD! to Mikepersson

General Yo Ministar. Bead blasted purple and black. Mint condition. Played very little. General Yo smooth! $65 SOLD! to Mikepersson

Bone stock translucent FHZs. I have at least 5 of these, probably more if I dig around. $10 each. SOLD! to jrodriguez. Happy Modding!

More to come…

OK, the Augie family has been broken up. Alexander the Grape is sold.

And bump for awesome yoyos still for sale!

Ego, Ministar and Jason Lee 888 are pending.

Have more pictures to post soon, but in the meantime, I’ve got a Bape up for grabs too!

Ego, Ministar & JL 888 have gone on to a better place :wink:

Lots more good stuff available.

Bump. Hope everybody had a great Christmas!

Courtesy Bump for a good man!

Bump. Yuuki Quake is sold.