Dying yoyo question

(Owen) #1

Ok, so I want to dye my Halo, is it ok for the hub things to get dye on them?


I’m not sure what the center hub is made from, but chances are it’s not going to take the dye, so you’re probably OK.

I’ve heard Delrin is really hard to dye. Do plenty of reading and follow the instructions. I’ve also heard even then, it can still be hard to dye. I personally like my Delrin throws white.


Most people do not mask the hub when they dye a yoyo.


The hubs on the Halo are anodized aluminum. Dye isn’t going to do anything to them.


Do post photos of the results! I’m quite curious to see what a dyed Halo would look like.


(Kei) #6

This might be helpful. I’ve read that the thickness of the delrin part has a big role on dyeing times. Thicker = longer dying time, Thinner = shorter dying time. The Halo might be more thick than any of the RC parts they are dying, so I’m not sure how well this would work.