Nice to c u got a velocity dude

how long did it take to get there?

its a dv888 not a velocity
and nice dv888 but by the way u cant break in and unresponsive bearing itll still be unresponsive if u want to make it responsive get some thick yoyo jam lube :slight_smile:

i ordered it friday morning like 5am and it got here about 450pm today so not too bad at all

someones over tired lol whats up im having a blast with this yoyo i love the heavier feel then my velocity i almost have green triangle down and im working on thumb grinds lol

its hard to bind cuss you were doing it wrong
in stead of a trapeze bind try it from the other side it’ll bind beautifully

nice to see ur enjoying it

your unpackiging skills have yet to be desired, but still good video.

I think you guys are overtired. Now let’s ponder that post.

Okay he could have meant: Nice to see. You got a Velocity Dude?

or: Nice to see you have a Velocity, dude.

He DID mention he bought a velocity earlier. So, don’t exactly think it is what it sounds.

hahaha sorry benny…i was tired and when i saw him he had a velocity so…