Dv888 or Northstar

Which is better? And sleeps longer?

Neither is better and neither sleeps longer but I prefer the dv888

dv888 is metal, kinda undersized and is $45 bucks very nice smooth cheap metal

northstar is plastic with metal weght rings, center trac bearing, full sized $35

the only differance playing wise is that the northstar is well heavy and can be prone to having very little vibe.

Gotta go with the Dv888, It’s smoother, sleeps longer and a metal for a REALLY cheap price. $45.

I have both and I like the feel and weight of the northstar more but the dv888 is smooth and no vibe
You could really go with either one, they’re both amazing but I like the dv888 better

sleep time: I’m not really sure if its because the bearings in them are different but my dv888 spins a little longer :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope this helped

Sorry guys, but I have to go with the Northstar. Holding plastic is a whole lot more comfortable than holding metal.

I agree on plastic being more comfortable.

Neither sleeps longer. But Dv888 does have less vibe and is much more smoother. Also one of the best for grinds.

But I have OUGHT to say this. Also think about the Raptor. Dv888 is highly over-rated. My Raptor sleeps long enough and can grind very well too. It’s smooth like the Dv888 and neither have ridges for thumb grinds. They are extremely similar and are heard to be as well as 100$ yoyo`s.

Some claim to say that Raptor is smoother than Dv888.

So they are almost the same, Raptor has a round butterfly shape and the Dv888 has a H-Shape.

Asking Preinfalk or Acavando can may you more details.

Also the Raptor comes with 2 EXTRA response pads and with removable caps. Raptor is also 5 bucks cheaper. Many pros for the Raptor!

hm i would get a raptor over a dv888, its cheaper, it comes with extra pads, removable plastic caps, and there are tons of colors not just grey red blue blahh.

I’d take a Raptor over the DV888 and a Dv888 over the northstar.
I’ve had many cases where my friends Northstar would… Crack?
Yes. You heard me. Crack
I read it online as well.
Get the raptor. If you dont want it( I dont know how thats possible ), get the Dv888

Protostar cracks as easily as a Northstar if you think of it in physics. But I see more people having their Northstar crack more. ???