DV888 and CLYW Wooly Marmot for sale

First up is this satined Wooly Marmot.

This was satined by the previous owner. It came with a bent axle and a bum bearing when I first received it. Not to mention an absurd amount of vibe. The axle has since been replaced and a fresh tight kyo bearing has been put in it. Only has a teeny tiny bit of vibe now. I’m wanting 80 for it.

Next is a goofed DV888.

A very bad attempt at getting the rims shiny:/ it still plays fine though. didn’t lose or gain any vibe afterword. I’m dropping it for 20.

I’m not accepting trades. I need some cash for A-kon. Paypal is the accepted method of payment and toss on 5 bucks for shipping. Only shipping to the continental US

do you still have the wooly marmot