CLYW Marmot F/S *Pics*

Yo! im selling my CLYW Hulk Smash Wooly Marmot, Its practically mint. There are a few rim marks, but to me they look like Anno-Flaws. I took a picture so you can see for yourself. I never Hit it on concrete :sunglasses: Its as smooth a butter and ready to play. Unfortunately my nephew got a hold of the box and I couldn’t fix it. Anyway, now onto the pics!

CLYW Hulk Smash Wooly Marmot
-Near Mint
-No Box

Price Includes Shipping Will Ship USPS Priority 2-3 Day, Will provide a tracking number and stay in contact with everyone. Thanks For Looking!

How much with shipping to Canada? I really want this

Can i trade my one drop dietz mint condition green

PM’d You =-D


hey what’s ur thread called? (The one that ur selling two superstars and a Bassalope?) ???