FS/Ft Clyw Wooly Marmot 2. Duncan Skyhawk. Wants look inside.

Shipping will be 5 $.

If you are doing a trade with me and don’t want to ship to India I have an alternative address in Australia.

Duncan Skyhawk. Its not mint but good condition for an offstring. Pads are not there as they fell of with use. Otherwise works perfectly fine. Price. 20 $

Clyw wooly marmot 2. Electric Bacon colour way. FG. 2 Light scuffs. Otherwise mint.

Price ask.



Looking for.

Fixed axle.
Looping yoyo.
Or I’ll consider mostly anything you are willing to trade . for Duncan Skyhawk.

Multiples trades. Or trade + cash.
Or just offer me I’ll consider what you offer an tell I don’t charge if you offer. Lol.

Bump anyone interested?

Bump offers?

Why no offers?

Bump. New stuff.