Duncan YoYo Champion Trophies

About 1700 years ago I was a Duncan YoYo Champion. I was awarded this trophy among other things. Is anybody out there familiar with this trophy. I believe I won this in 1971. I’m certain many of you were not even close to being born yet. I have the ultimate respect for the yoyo throwers of today. You guys/gals are so good you made my championship run look like I was a dog kicking a rock. Respect!IMG_0106 IMG_0108 IMG_0107 IMG_0109


@unklesteve may know about those trophies :man_shrugging:t3:

Thanks for the lead…

The metal Yo-Yo Man figure was a common element of trophies around this time. Duncan had them made in pretty large quantities, and then demonstrators would go to a local trophy shop and have them added to whatever stock trophy they wanted to order to use for that contest. That kept costs down, while making sure there was some degree of uniformity to the trophies. This is actually one of the more flamboyant ones I’ve seen.


Awesome parlay of knowledge. Had no idea about the outsourcing of the metal Yo-Yo man. Never would have thought about that possibility. Then again I was 15 years old and the serious underdog in the contest. Happy to get the trophy and the other things I was awarded… Thank you Steve.

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