Duncan is probably what most people think when discussing yo-yo’s. But does anyone think that Duncan has made an effort to what yoyoing is today?

I do…a lot.

I do.
They’re amazing.

Duncan Crew Demo’s… Mad World’s Sponsorships… Prizes at Contests… Screaming Eagle Line Coming Soon… DVD’s… Supplying Us With Counterweights…

Yeah. They do their share.

This is like asking if Megan Fox is good looking.

The obvious answer is yes, despite Duncan’s her Toe Thumbs. :stuck_out_tongue:

I joke of course, but yes Duncan has done a lot for the yoyoing community and continues to do so.

lol!!! you got good sense of humor! LOL!

BTW, I do, they got good share.

Happy Throwing! =]

Yes, very, yes. :smiley: But yes, Duncan is off da chain man.

You can find Duncan’s just about everywhere in the world. You won’t find higher priced Throwers. You may find a few Yomegas at odd and end toy stores. Duncan is making progress in high end, Besides the MG, but It’s taken them a long time to get into metals. IMO

But they’re coming out with the Vendatta and Mayhem, those are supposedly great!

They look amazing that’s for sure.

Duncan really put a lot of effort into what making yo-yoing what it is today. How? Let’s count their contributions:

They were the ones who first made yo-yos a common word.
They were the first to mass-produce Butterfly-shaped yo-yos.
They created 5A(well, Steve Brown did when he was with Duncan).
They have an extensive market worldwide.
They provide a beginner all the tools he/she needs to start yo-yoing(Counterweights, string, spacers, bearings, etc…).

And that’s all I can think of right now.

Duncan ripped off 5A.

Duncan has almost MADE the yo-yoing community. The are the original. No, they don’t have the Expensive air-craft aluminum yo-yos, but they have yo-yos such as the Butterfly, Imperial, and everything that most of us started with. Without Duncan half or even more of us would not even be yo-yoing. Now, they see yo-yoing is becoming more advanced, so they are becoming more advanced with their new yo-yos coming out.

Don’t disrespect Duncan.

Good post.

Ha ha ha…nope.

I created freehand in 1999, well before I started working for Duncan.

No disrespect to Duncan. They introduced me to endless hours of fun. They will continue into future strong.

This only proves that Steve Brown is more king than I thought he was.