Duncan - NOT the First!

Before you get angry at me I want to first state that this topic is not meant to offend ANYONE. If you have an issue, please PM me.

Donald Duncan did not make the first yo-yo company-he bought it.

Pedro Flores founded a yo-yo company in 1928 in Santa Barbra, CA entitled “The Yo-yo Manufacturing Company” (Crazy, right?) Which consisted of mass-producing handmade toys.

In 1929, Donald Duncan saw this as a great way to make money and bought the company. He renamed “Duncan Toys” and made the Duncan O-Boy, the first Duncan yo-yo.

When the 1069’s came, Duncan realized that his post-WWII sales were unsatisfactory, he eventually came up with the Butterfly and started using commercials to advertise. He was very successful.

However, the same decade Duncan tried to trademark the work “yo-yo” and was sued in a court case based on a saying that “yo-yo” was a term in “common speech”, Duncan was losing money.

He eventually sold the company to Flambeau Plastics who owns it to this date.

I’m not saying Duncan was not a revolutionary, but I am saying that they were not the first yo-yo company.

Actually they were the first yoyo company. Just renamed.

You could say that, but the company was so changed that I consider it a second company.

Haha. Alright.

It’s common knowledge that Pedro Flores was the first to sell yoyos in the US and sold out to Donald Duncan, and I believe he stayed with Duncan after he sold the company. Duncan was probably the first to mass produce and market them at such a scale.

agreed. dont get me wrong, duncan is smexy, but yeah, pedro flores was 1st. and who knows, maybe in the phillipines before the time of pedro flores, there was someone selling yoyos!

There were yoyos at the 1903(or was it 1893?)Worlds Fair I believe. But not anything close to what Pedro Flores sold. Just saying

Actually, yoyos have been around for what, over 2000 years? If you can google their name, that person was definitely not the first to make and sell a yoyo.

“agreed. dont get me wrong, duncan is smexy…”

I don’t know this word. What does “smexy” mean?

It’s either smelly and sexy or smart and sexy.


…but none of those adjectives work for me in a discussion about a yo-yo manufacturer. (Well, maybe “smelly”, I have never smelled a yo-yo factory so I don’t know about that.) What about Taylor Swift, is she “smexy”? Or Maggie Gyllenhaal. Is Maggie Gyllenhaal smexy? Is “smexy” a compliment or a pejorative? Inquisitive minds need to know.

It’s just a different way of saying ‘sexy’. It would be kinda weird for one guy to call another ‘sexy’.


Such a weird word.

Smexy, wow, too far.

Elton John might.

Let’s back up. If smexy is synonymous with sexy, then is supbreh1234 saying he thinks Duncan yoyos are sexy? That doesn’t seem right. If so I’d hate to see the magazines he has hidden in his bedroom closet.

Not the first to make the first to mass produce.

Supbreh-mom!! Don’t come in!!
mom walks in "is that an imperial!?!
Supbreh-its not what it looks like!
Mom-AND a butterfly. I know what you’re up to.

I don’t think enything yoyo related should be called sexy.

Just check Ed Haponick’s awesome list. :slight_smile:

…maybe an Ann Connolley video executing some wicked combo, that might get in the neighborhood of sexy.

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I think it is a slang term for the words “smooth” and “sexy”.I’m not positively sure though.You could check urbandictionary.com for the meaning.

From Urban Dictionary


Defining a person as sexy combined with being smart and sexy.
That chick is freaking smexy

You see, I’m still not buying this word “smexy” being used in this conversation about Donald Duncan and Duncan yoyos.

“Not only is my Raptor very attractive, but it also does very well in school. Made the honor roll every semester last year.”

no…no, it just doesn’t work for me.