Duncan Yoshicuda review?

I found that Duncan’s Yoshicuda has similar specs and rim proportion comparing to yyr chopsticks gorilla, so they play silmilar? And from the point of view that I have the chopsticks gorilla, is it worth buying the yoshicuda?


I can’t give you a comparison, which would be more helpful I think. But I can give you my impression of the Yoshi that I have. What I have that I can compare it to are a Haymaker OG, a Top Deck, a Typo, and just this last week I got a Parallel. All of these are very different but I listed them to give you my perspective. The Top Deck is the only one that I put in the same league. With the Yoshi coming in under the Top Deck but by difference more so than a lower performance level. The Top Deck is just magical smooth, powerful, and stable. By comparison. But the lighter, more rim focused weight of the Yoshi makes it faster in motion. It accelerates fast, it turns fast, and it’s still very stable. This is where the difference comes into my perception. Because it’s lighter I tend to sling it off axis and into a tilt more easily. This has slowly been causing me to fine tune my throw and motions during play. I know that the Yoshicuda has a loyal following of throwers who speak very highly of it, and it continues to remain in their regular rotation. This says a lot to me given the age of the design. Several people have had them on the BST at great pricing that didn’t sell. It has been beneficial to me to DM the OP of these types of sales to ask if it’s still available. I’ve gotten some great buys this way. I wish I could give you a comparison but hopefully you can get some sort of idea from my opinions. I love mine and many others do too. My opinion on having multiple different yo-yos that perform and feel nearly or even close to identical…I always regret spending the money. But that’s me and it’s heavily affected by my situation in life. I’ve seen new ones on the BST within the last 30-60 days for as little as $40. At that price you might feel differently. Really hope this helped at least a little. :grin:


Having thrown the Duncan Yoshicuda around myself, I’ve got to say it’s a unique beast. It’s lighter and zippier than you’d expect, making it a blast for quick combos. However, it does demand a bit more precision to keep it on-axis compared to some other throws I’ve used. If you’re into fast play and have a soft spot for Duncan’s craftsmanship, the Yoshicuda could be a thrilling addition to your collection. Just be ready to dial in your accuracy a bit more when you’re throwing it.


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