Duncan Yo-tility holster


I recently picked up the yo-tility holster from Duncan. I usually have a yoyo on me and figured, I got some beautiful yoyo’s I could probably even make a small fashion statement at the same time :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway I noticed some small wear on the lettering on the holster itself where the logo is. Now I don’t know if it is because it is mentally messing with me or if I can actually see some wear on the ano where they would have been touching… Does anyone else have this issue or is it in my head?? Also can someone suggest a good holster with which I won’t have to worry about wear on my expensive yoyo’s??



I got the Duncan yo tility as well, I just use the clip part, and used a different holster part with it. While the yo tility clip is awesome, the actual holster sorta sucks a lot. It’s ugly, hard to manage, and honestly doesn’t look all that secure. I use the yyf one; but legyoyo here on this forum makes really really nice ones out of paracord!
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You have no idea how excited I am thinking about a holster made of Legos. I will go look to see if this is the case although i am sure it isn’t but the idea has me super excited :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: LOL just a few more words and I would have seen paracord :slight_smile:


Hey So i checked out the YYF holster. Have you noticed any sort of wear on the yoyo’s at all from that small plastic ball?


Sorry to thread jack, but what I’m hearing from the responses is that the actual holster isn’t very good…?


The clip, part with the bearing remover/string cutter is good quality. The actual holster part of the yotility is basically worthless. And the yyf holster has a piece of fabric between the throw and the stopper, so nothing touches the yoyo except the cord and the (thick) fabric. The only issue I have with it is, keys, waking to close to things, the metal on my belt, an occasionally throwing another yoyo and missing causing two to collide. But all of those are user error.

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If you’re worried about damage on your expensive yoyos, you shouldn’t be wearing them on your hip at all. Any holster is going to carry risk of banging it around as you move, or wear from the material.


I have a few paracord yoyo holsters that I’ve made and I just use the parts from a YYF holster, the actual part that holds the yoyo is ugly. I don’t like using holsters very much because I feel like they aren’t protective. So I just stuff my yoyos in my pocket.


Yeah, my Duncan holder kind of disappointed me. It feels awkward. The clip is nice for the string cutter but the bearing removal tool is for small bearings.

Also, it gets REALLY annoying having the duncan slide keep hitting the yo-yo. It’s a constant clicking noise.

My YYF holder is way better.


You are probably right. Think I may just wear the ones that already have damage if I do at all. It is just that I always have one on me anyway and it gets uncomfortable in the pocket sometimes.

Oh and lately I have been throwing a Cliff. It is a little big.


I think it is just the way that the Duncan one is made. Like other people are pointing out it is the fact that the plastic is in direct contact with the yoyo. It makes a constant ticking noise and from what everyone is saying I am sure it is slowly wearing out the finish of the yoyo if ever so slowly and slightly over time but still wearing it all the same.

EDIT: I also notice the ticking noise. It is the reason I thought to even look and pay attention to it in the first place.


This is exactly what I wanted to hear. I will be picking one of these up as to not have my yoyo in direct contact with the plastic and not have to carry it in my pocket.


Get one of legyoyos holsters

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I tried to look for it and did again after reading this… How? I don’t see it.


12 dollars is way too much for a Holster.

I snagged a Leg Yoyo Holster 8 bucks and it’s awesome


The Armor Holder is 44.99 and is well worth the money. So trust me, that isn’t very expensive.


Like I see how you can do it when someone else or you yourself have already quoted it in a post. I just messed around with
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for a while trying to figure it out for myself but I guess I am just failing at it. I would love to know so I can use it in the future in case the situation presents itself again. :slight_smile:

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