duncan vs yoyojam vs yoyofactory

Well i have simple question wich of those three do you like more and why?

yoyojam. i think yyf is over rated

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I don’t want to come off as overly sarcastic, but you might want to update your “Fav.yoyo”, then.
Between the three, my favorite changes almost daily. (I guess that means I should add a YYF to the two in my “Fav.yoyo” ::slight_smile:

Why? Duncan = Small Bearings! FHZ, FH2(10), Squirrel, ThrowMonkey, etc.
YYJ = Kickside, celecon ,once in a while you just get in a “Large bearing mood”
YYF = Velocity, DieNasty, PGM,fundametals.

I have favorite yoyos, but not a favorite company. If you gave me those three t-shirts, I would wear whichever one was on top of the pile that day.

Have Fun,