Duncan tour in CT yesterday!!!!

Well I got the chance to take my boys to the Duncan tour in CT yesterday and I must say we had a blast!! They were all real cool, great players, and had us laughing out butts off at times…but I would like to send out a special thanks to Nate Sutter. He came over and was showing my oldest son how to do the Jamaican Flag. Now, my oldest has a mild form of Autism (not that Nate knew that) and for a kid that his mind doesn’t stop, Nate took the time to show him how to do this. I know this is technically his “job” but the way he was w/ my son, that really made my son’s day and mine. Plus to see him play in person was just awesome to see. He is truly a great player, but most of all, a great person. So my hat goes off to Mr. Nate Sutter for making my little boy feel great about himself, even if it is for only a day.


Nate is an amazing character. Glad you had a blast, and thanks for sharing the story with us : D