A very special video that EVERY player should see....

Hello everyone,
While on Duncan’s 80th Anniversary Tour Seth Peterson, Jack Ringca, and I had the opportunity to spend some time with Bob “Mr. Yo-Yo” Rule.

This week has been such an inspiration as he shared his priceless collection, knowledge, and friendship with us. After showing us his collection he shared something with us that blew our minds with sheer awesomeness.

Thanks to Bob Rule, and the Brown family…we present to you long lost footage from the Duncan 1962 National Yo-Yo Contest.

dude thats awesome and i guess looping was the only style back then but still awesome

I think it’s great when people find old footage like this. I’m fascinated by the styles and methods from the earlier days of yoyoing.

Pretty cool seeing the very first national contest. :slight_smile:

Pure awesomeness

That is trully amazing.


I love how yoyoing has improved and became more complex through the ages…This video is total awesomess!!! ;D