Duncan Sticker on Joey's Fridge?

So I’ve been watching Friends on my computer, and I’m on the last season. But when I was watching tonight, I found something interesting. I think you’ll agree.


Whoa, kinda weird. My parents used to watch that show all the time.

Probably a clever ploy by Duncan to buy advertising space.


And how clever it is! A fridge sticker! Who would have thought!

Joey is the MAN!!!

google chrome: How to take a snapshot of your computer monitor

LOL :smiley:

OMG, Duncan’s need to control (well, everything) has even reached refridgerators!!!

nowhere is safe anymore!

I Heart Matt LeBlanc! No homo…

We should all get Duncan Fridge stickers ;D

This is awesome beyond awesome.

I’ll give you an internet for that (not really).

Just because everyone’s on the topic of “Friends”.


But seriously, Duncan is the brand name that most people associate with yoyos, I’m not surprised by this at all.

What if duncan payed for the sticker to be in there.

They most likely did. Much like… “Fuller! Go easy on the Pepsi!”… Cheese ;D while holding a Pepsi can with the logo facing the camera (Bonus points if you get the reference, points deducted if you don’t)

Home Alone!! lol

LOLZ Classic movie…

Most brands that are in movies/series are paid for.

And then you have the opposite. In a lot of scenes shot outside stores and such, you will often see that the stickers showing what credit cards you can use there are taped over or just blurred out.

In mythbusters they always blur out things.