My Laptop =)

So I decided to use some of my stickers to spiff up my laptop. ;D

Thatsa Nice!
(lol Borat reference)

im thinking about doing that to mine but i met get a new one for Christmas so it would be a waste of stickers.

Nice… I have a YYE sticker in the same spot on mine… But thats it lol

So you got pwned? :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a little… Im Loyal to YYE… I could cover the whole back of the moniter in YYE stickers… :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish I had that many. :smiley:

lucky peeps, i dont have a computer… or a phone… or an electronic device worth more than $20 :frowning:

My first NON-yoyoexpert purchase will be tonight, only because I cant get the yoyo here…

The only thing that makes working bearable :slight_smile:

many stickers you got their…I never once got a duncan sticker, i should get some ;D

I only have four stickers on my Laptop. A One Drop, an HSpin and two (different) YoYoExpert stickers.