Duncan Raptor (New version) and Onedrop Parlay


I will be getting one of these soon and can’t make up my mind! Have any of you owned both of them and can comment on how they play in comparison? I would not be using the caps if I go with the Raptor so I know it would be a lot lighter than the Parlay. (58g vs 62g)


Parlay all day


username checks out


Have you played the Raptor as well?

({John15}) #5

Parlay!!! I was going to get a raptor, but I never pulled the trigger. Was not disappointed with the Parlay, I use it daily

(Victorian YoYos) #6

Parlay no question.


Parlay is dope but it’s high walls make a narrow catch zone so it isn’t very forgiving


Both are fantastic smaller/organic/lightweight choices. Raptor plays faster and resists tilt better in play, really fun lightweight yo-yo. Parlay feels more controllable in play and seems to have a more powerful spin. Plus - Side Effects.

I would say get both, but if you’re just getting one then pick whichever fits your style best.


Perfect answer. Thanks everyone for the insight and replies!

(Jacob Waugh) #10

Never played either, but definitely have heard more positive feedback on the Parlay,