Duncan Rainbo

Added a yoyo I’ve been looking for for a long time to my collection today. A vintage Duncan Rainbo in stunning shape. Plays wonderfully, sleeps smoothly, no serious dents and just a little light scraping on the rims. These guys were originally produced in 1934 by Duncan. The inner wheels spin freely from the outside giving a color changing effect.

Thrilled. :slight_smile:


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I would kill for that. :o

if you killed for that you’d be in jail! With no throws :smiley: :smiley:


That thing is an amazing find! I had never seen or heard of it before. Where did you find it?

I found it on ebay.  Been hunting for a good one for over a year now.

Here’s some information on it from the Museum of YoYo History:

“The Duncan Tin Rainbo is a very unique model. Nothing similar has been made since. The patent information on the logo says it began production in 1934, but the length of production is unknown. The Rainbo consists of a tin body, tin inner and outer shells, with a metal axle. And inside the windows on the side, a tin wheel with multicolored patterns and designs. Throw the yo-yo, which actually gives good sleep times, and return it to your hand. Catch the yo-yo, and the color wheel continues to spin inside each side of the yo-yo. Because of age, rust is common on these. Not to mention most are well worn, because most have been played with for several generations.”


These rarely pop up and when they do, they are almost always pretty beaten up with a lot of rust.  Often times the wheels don’t spin.  Even then they seem to go for quite a pretty penny.

Apparently this one was forgotten in someone’s grandfather’s closet for decades…


I like how you post a picture of a Duncan Rainbo but DON’T POST A VID OF IT SPINNING. Such a tease :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL! Alright… working on it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome find, Jason!

It’s especially gratifying to know of Jason’s good fortune in finding this rare beauty because fate has been so cruel towards his being able only to acquire just a very few decent throws in his life.


What a cool yoyo!

It’d be very nice to see a video. No one else on youtube has a Duncan Rainbo vid, I just checked. You will have millions of views (OK, maybe not, but still…).

I know! I can’t think of anyone who could possibly be more deserving. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll get a video up tonight you silly squirrels.

I know, BanjoSpins. I noticed in the pics he posted recently that Jason doesn’t seem to have been able to acquire a Turbo Bumble Bee, a Raider, a Henrys Viper, or a Cherry Bomb. I rather feel for him …

Taking donations and hand me downs!

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Well I think we can just do a trade for those nasty old Peaks you’ve got floating around.Lord knows no one wants more than one of those things.


Yes, in a sheer act of mercy and ministry I would be willing to take a Peak off his hands.
The purity of my heart of benevolence carries on even after he called us all “silly squirrels”.

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As will I.
Honestly, we care.

Here you guys go!

Tried to get a longer video of the ‘spin’… but it’s really hard with the way my camera is setup.  (Awkward lighting forces me to wrap my hand around the camera.)

Kinda of hard to capture the full effect on camera.  The inner wheels spin independently of the outer body, so after you throw the yoyo, you can catch it and the colors keep spinning!  I’ll have to take another video of that because it’s a bit more impressive.


Love it! Throwing spinners.

One Drop absolutely has to make a spinners side effect.

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It seems like It would be easy for one drop to make the se spin

How much would one of those put me back if I were to acquire one?