Duncan pulse

Any ideas if the 2018 Duncan pulses will be restocked? Thanks for the info! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve seen some here…

As in on the bst? I’m hoping for new ones but I guess I could consider that. I’m hoping to buy in a bit more bulk than just 1 set. Like 6-10. That’s what would make bst difficult.

Ah no I meant in local ToysRUs

They’re in stock now:


Thank you!

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Oh wait there’s a redesign? When?

2018 :wink:

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Sooo… mine is old? 2 years old?


Yup. The redesigned version released a couple months ago I believe. If you check the pictures online the difference is pretty noticeable.


The new version is really nice for the price. Picked up one at the south east regionals in FL earlier this year. Probably one of my top contenders to recommend to kids since it’s so flashy.


Oops… I wondered why mine was different…

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What are the differences?

New versus old profiles. The new version is a much better looping yo-yo in my opinion. Easier to control.


Woah! That’s good! Here they’re selling old ones still! (here meaning Hong Kong)

Wait, starburst? :star: :fire:

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